About live roulette

Live roulette online is basically the same as regular roulette but with a real life host who you can interact with. This makes the experience much more personable and you will feel like you are in a real casino environment. Let’s have a quick look at the rules of live roulette because there are a few slight differences than on the roulette games with automated wheels.

Live roulette rules

The live roulette wheel like all roulette wheels, has 36 numbers and that dreaded zero. You get chips and make a bet on a colour or a number. A ball is spun on the wheel and if the ball lands on what you chose, you make a profit. You would double your money by spinning on red/black, odd/even but you can make even more money if your lucky number comes up. There is no need to go into depth on the general rules of roulette because you probably already know what these are if you play online or on a mobile casino uk or any other platform.

With roulette online, you can speed up the process of the wheel if you wish but with live roulette, this is not possible to do. This is because the ball is being spun on the wheel by a host, usually a very glamorous woman in a real casino somewhere in the world. There are also other roulette players on the same wheel that you are playing on. You have to be patient for the wheel to spin with live roulette and there is sometimes some brief interaction between spins from the host.


Live roulette is fun, exciting and makes gambling online even more interesting. If you think playing this game in such a way could be for you, there are many casino websites online that offer this extra special feature.