Playing live roulette can make you lots of money, plus it’s fun too. If you don’t know much about roulette in general, let’s have a quick rundown of the rules so that you know what you are doing a little better.

In roulette, you get 36 numbers (37 if you count zero on the European wheel.) The numbers are in red and black respectively. The numbers are on a disc, a ball is released onto the disc as the wheel is spun. Wherever the ball lands is the winning number for that particular spin. It’s your job to make a bet, that is, predict where the ball is going to land every time. And if you are right, ka-ching!

There are a number of different bets that you can make on roulette, all of which have different odds of coming up. So, it depends on how adventurous you are feeling on that particular day. You can bet on red, black, odd, or even. Each of these would have a 50% chance of coming up, meaning that you can double your money. These are known as outside bets and are probably the most common for casual players.

Inside bets involve betting on a particularly number (or 2, 3, or 4 numbers.) If the ball happens to land on your lucky number, you win substantial money. If you bet £10 on number 1 and that is where the ball lands, you take home an impressive £360! There are many different strategies of playing roulette, but the game mainly comes down to luck.

Live roulette online is done with a real croupier, which gives the vibe a more genuine feeling and will make you feel like you are in a real life casino. Sign up to one of the many quality online casinos today and try your luck at this game!